About Candidate

I Elegbeleye Oluwabamise Emmanuel, upon my concluded first degree (B.Tech (Hons) (Biochemistry)) with outstanding excellence, do humbly apply to be considered fo the position of an graduate assistant lecturer at the biochemistry department of this hallowed university. I’ve exhibited excellence in academics, internships and trainings; with my most recent result ranking as one of the class toppers with a cumulative grade point aggregate of 4.00 points out of 5.00. During the course of my undergraduate studies, I enrolled for internships in various scientific institutions as: clinical diagnostic laboratory (6 months), pharmaceutical quality control laboratory (1 year), computational molecular biology and drug design laboratory (18 months); all of which are well documented in my resume submitted alongside this mail letter in a separate attachment. All training (which I’m confident of with all audacity) has made me fit (with numerous recommendations in oral reports and official letters) of my unwavering academic and attitude proficiency.

For a brief review into my research experience, my B.Tech thesis centers on in-silico and in-vitro evaluation of Chenopodium ambrosoides (a plant reported in local ethnobotanical surveys to ameliorate hypertension) as phyto-medical therapy for hypertension, I found that the said plant shows strong antihypertensive prospect with mechanisms not clearly known, however the antibiotic property of the plant is strongly reported in several literatures among several other activities; then I somehow suspect that human microbiome and its alteration by the said plant may have plausibly participated in antihypertension mechanism of the plant by altering the membranes of the endothelium (as claimed by Assaidi et al., 2019) by a yet unresearched mechanism. Also, while studying literature in the course of the project, I discovered that epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) plays a sacrosanct role in sodium transport and salt sensitivity in relation to hypertension. In addition to this knowledge, I got further exposed and motivated by publications which center on integrin-ECM interactions, plasma membrane-extracellular milieu interactions and how they foster health and diseases. Then I aspire to hopefully further my postgraduate studies; with research views on studies about how mechanisms of biochemical activities involving ECM with intra/inter-cellular organelles affect ENaC in renal tissues with respect to hypertension; I also wish to research the effect human microbiome and their metabolism has on the aforementioned mechanism.

In addition, I partake in two other published research works titled : “Docking covalent targets for drug discovery: stimulating the computer-aided drug design community of possible pitfalls and erroneous practices “ and “Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors from medicinal plants: a molecular docking and dynamic simulation approach”. Also, I have another research titled: “Exploring the Nuclear proteins, Viral capsid protein and Early antigen protein: A Comprehensive Synergistic Immunoinformatic and Molecular Modelling Approach to the design of a Novel Vaccine Candidate Against Epstein Barr Virus”; currently under peer review.



Bachelor of Technology

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology

B.Tech(Hons) Biochemistry