About Candidate

He is a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, acquired an M.Sc. in Environmental Resource Management from University of Abuja, during which he conducted a research on Monitoring Urban Growth in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Using Geospatial Tools.

He is currently an E.I.A  Consultant To Nigerian Midstream And Downstream Petroluem Regulatory Authority, Nigeria Kaduna Zonal Officer and once in Saint Monica’s College where he teaches geography and Social Studies on a daily bases, he Worked with the ICT team to develop specific online teaching guide for the college teachers by leveraging on the social media apps, Facilitated training of teachers on the use of computer application packages (i.e. power point slides) to develop and present lesson notes, online registration of College students for the online classes.

Since 2011, He has been serving at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Garam Polytechnic as a resource person and in 2022 he been absorbed as a Senior lecturer till date.

He has been working as a Town Planning Associates Consultant (on commission) with John Davison Associates; help to Collates information for preparation of project reports and in preparation of project inception reports, helps in development of project concept notes for presentation to prospective clients, leads field mission on project sites from pre-commencement project site assessment; on-going project assessment and post completion monitoring, participated in design of detailed site development plan and in Land Use Plan Design (for Karsana south district centre plot 9, for BRIGHT SYSTEM ENT. LTD., African University of Science and Technology (AUST) Abuja, etc.), and served as an Interfaces between company’s CEO and project client on the day-to-day implementation of project.

Mathias has served at various volunteering jobs such as Field Assistants on targeting and registration (using “ODK COLLECT” App), of most venerable people for UNWFP Covid 19 Assistance in FCT (also on warehousing and inventory management on planning-organizing-and controlling, food quality management, Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption step-down training, ATAC Policy-scope, General distribution processes, last mile or door to door distribution and complain desk). He also volunteer for a step-down training on early diagnosis and treatment for HIV-positive children under the GRAIL Project which was sponsored by Caristas International and Caristas Nigeria, and volunteered on train the trainer program on “SUN 24 COOKSTOVE PROJECT” sponsored by Caristas Nigeria, also volunteered on a train the train step-down program on “SILC” (Saving and Internal Lending  Communities). Facilitated several workshops and training during which he learned a lot and understood how to manage people and situation.

He is proficient with various methods of data collation, collection, storage, analysis and interpretation; Mathias measures up in the use of various computer packages mostly Microsoft teams, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe and the Internet. These skills and experience he has gathered over the years will be relevant and beneficial to your organization.

He speaks, write and understand English, Hausa, pidgin languages, Yham fluently. I would welcome an interview so that we may further discuss how my skills and experience can serve you. Thank you for your time and consideration.