Sreeramulu Munagala

Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department
May 4, 1977

About Candidate

Dr Sreeramulu Munagala


I have been an avid learner and passionate about science and engineering. The purpose of pursuing a Ph.D. was to be able to train young and bright minds usher them into the rich field of engineering and research and mould them into good engineers and researchers. With such a bunch of students at my disposal, I would relish the opportunity to share my ideas, knowledge, and experiences and teach them.


Teaching Plans:

I have had a very different way of learning; I always feel there has to be a strong motivation to learn anything at all, as far as engineering is concerned. Why the subject is required, what is the use? Always answering why, instead of the how, and connecting it with real world problems, because that is what engineering is all about.

As a would-be teacher, I would at the outset say that most of the aspects of Mechanical Engineering, at least at the undergraduate and master’s level is built around the classical framework, i.e., we can observe things and feel them, which make the job easier, an intuition based subject matter. For example, the human body. The structure of the skeleton, the composition, different shapes and sizes of the bones, the joints, its movements, the lubricants can be studied through solid mechanics, material science, tribology, dynamics and kinematics of mechanisms. Likewise, the way the human body regulates its temperature, the blood flowing through the veins, different ways we incorporate to make the ambience comfortable around us can be formally studied through fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer. This also lays the foundation for new course development, which will revitalize the mechanical engineering curriculum and emphasize its importance.

This is the sort of teaching that I am interested in, something that will inspire students. Once they are inspired, the formal methods will follow. My teaching technique will be to amalgamate all the aspects of Mechanical Engineering and integrating it with Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. I will highlight the fact that different subjects are interlinked and it is necessary for a good engineer and a researcher to have a fair idea about all the subjects with a physical and a mathematical backing. I would like to make the classroom more interactive, encouraging out of the box thinking, designing unique assessment techniques.



Ph D

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, India

Thermodynamic Analysis of Fuel Cell Gas Turbine Combined cycle power plant for micro power generation.

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December 24, 2018 - July 14, 2024
Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad, T.S, INDIA

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