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Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership

University of Arizona Global Campus

This doctoral degree has enabled me to demonstrate my ability to assess organizations by relying on research, evidence, and critical thinking. Develop the ability to anticipate the impact of strategic initiatives and organizational change while applying theories and models of human and organizational behavior. Strategically identify and pursue a focused research interest that contributes to knowledge in my field of study. My qualitative case study shared and gained consensus from a nationwide panel of church leaders within the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) on implementing a Crisis Emergency Plan (CEP) within places of worship. The Steeple Award church recipient (2019), who served as an AME Church Pastor of 2000 plus members in Southeast Georgia, participated in a semi-structured interview process along with other leaders and laypersons. They provided insight into and understanding of their experience of having a full-time armed security officer for safety, training, and preparation to handle an active shooter. Church leaders need to direct congregants to which exits to use, instruct the elderly or members who use wheelchairs, and help parents with children to evacuate in an emergency. Due to the decline in membership and church attendance, leaders must seek solutions to promote church safety. The implication of this research has the potential to answer the questions: (a) How prepared are churches for an active shooter, bomb threat, or fire? (b) When an alarm goes off in church, what steps should the congregation take? Qualitative methodology was chosen to understand better church congregants' concepts or views in a real-life study involving leadership, gender, and social norms of safety and security at Turner Chapel church.

Work & Experience


Political Science High School Teacher at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School

June 20, 2024 - June 20, 2024
Dekalb School District

My philosophy of teaching stems from a belief that educational institutions are places of exploration, where learners engage and immerse themselves into learning, develop ideas about who they are and what they may become, act on passions on a local level and their communities as well as, participate as members of a global society. Through the learning experience, students capitalize on achievement, stimulate potential, develop intellect, and conceptualize and achieve goals. Because students and faculty work at a distance, communication is key. I strive to bridge the distance by giving constructive feedback, clearly stating course expectations, and helping students develop lifelong knowledge and skills. As a current online mentor and former online learner, I understand what it is like to be on both sides of the learning environment. As a result, I am attentive to each student’s unique learning goals and styles. I believe that online students and faculty are pioneers in forging a new way in this educational environment, and love sharing the journey!


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