Administrative Officers

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Job Description

The Administrative Officers are responsible for:

  1. Preparation of reports by the Department for University Committees;
  2. Organizing and servicing departmental day-to-day operations and answering correspondences;
  3. Office-planning and Budgeting in conjunction with the Director, Head of Department or Head of Unit
  4.  Acts as Departmental Secretary in Departmental Meetings, drafting of minutes, memos, letters, report and other correspondences;
  5. Liaises with the Finance Department and other relevant University functionaries in financial and budgeting matters for the Department;
  6. Liaises between the departments and the Establishment on staff matters;
  7. In care of the imprest account and cash advances for the Department;
  8. Co-ordinates and Supervises the junior staff that relate to operations of the Department;
  9. Manages matters relating to departmental vehicles such as vehicle licenses, fueling and registration of new vehicles and allocation of duty vehicles for use as may be directed;
  10. Manages requisition for maintenance works and repairs of utilities;
  11.  Performing any other duties that may be assigned from time-to-time by the Director/HOD/HOU.